Our Distillation Process

At Bombora Vodka, we have one simple goal: to produce a superior vodka distilled 7 times from nature’s finest premium red and white Australian grapes and pure artisanal water. The result, our incredibly smooth award-winning vodka. In order to achieve this success, we are very passionate about our distilling process. We partner with world-renowned master distillers who share our commitment and passion for excellence. 

We start by selecting only premium red and white grapes grown in the Barossa Valley, one of the most famed wine-growing regions in the world. Next, we utilize a state-of-the-art column distillation process that filters the grapes and artisanal water 7 times through a column distillation process with charcoal filters. Unlike many other mass-produced vodkas, our 7 times distillation process takes extra time and effort to produce what is often called the “heart” of the spirit.  No impurities, just a deliciously smooth and pure vodka.

That commitment to excellence has resulted in many appreciative Bombora fans around the globe.  We love what they're saying, “Bombora Vodka is the smoothest vodka we’ve ever tasted.” Or our favorite, “Why add anything to Bombora…it’s incredible just the way it is…neat or over rocks.” 

We appreciate your support of Bombora Vodka and say cheers mate to your great taste!   

Bombora Vodka... It’s smooth down under.